Have you ever had a strange urge to jump from a tall building, or steer your car into oncoming traffic? You are not alone. In this captivating fusion of science, history and personal memoir, writer David Adam explores the weird thoughts that exist within every mind, and how they drive millions of us towards obsessions and compulsions. David has suffered from OCD for twenty years, and The Man Who Couldn’t Stop is his unflinchingly honest attempt to understand the condition and his experiences. 

I don’t think I have OCD, well not diagnosed by any means but I was diagnosed with panic and anxiety disorder and those thoughts have come to my mind as well, what if I jump from that building? What if I jump from my own balcony? What if my car will crash into the next car? Mind you, I was never and I am not suicidal, I am afraid of death and I love life but these thoughts come to me weirdly to creep me out and push into panic attacks because I’m afraid that maybe I can’t control myself anymore. But that’s a lie and I’m healing, nowadays when these thoughts come I don’t panic anymore yes I feel like a dark cloud stands over me for a couple of hours because fear is hard to shake off but I am healing and I can see that now but then I couldn’t and everything he talks about in his book, is legit what I’ve felt and probably many more people, especially that most of them aren’t vocal about it.

Oh and how I love reading physical copies of books, it just makes my day better and they are also easier to photograph.    

This wasn’t a bad read, it’s basically someone’s experience with OCD, you can find yourself understood in these pages and you should give it a go, but it’s a self help how to actually stop the thoughts per se.

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