For as long as they can remember, Jessica, Norah, and Alicia have been told how lucky they are. As young girls they were rescued from family tragedies and raised by a loving foster mother, Miss Fairchild, on an idyllic farming estate and given an elusive second chance at a happy family life. But their childhood wasn’t the fairy tale everyone thinks it was. Miss Fairchild had rules. Miss Fairchild could be unpredictable. In a moment of desperation, the three broke away from Miss Fairchild and thought they were free. When a body is discovered under the home they grew up in, the foster sisters find themselves thrust into the spotlight as key witnesses. Or are they prime suspects?

A thriller that got my attention from the start, it’s a super good one because it’s super fast paced which I love. The fact that the sister weren’t even sisters… they grew up together at Miss Fairchild’s house of horrors who abused them shamefully and the story goes between a talk at the therapist, the on going investigation to find out who was burried under the house and the girls’s childhood. A shaking story but a good one.

I’ve believed for half of the book that Miss Fairchild is the body under but when the girls have to stay the night in the tiny town they grew up in for further questioning they end up meeting with the rest of the girls in a bar where at some point Miss Fairchild appears. It’s such an intense feelings of how abuse can fuck you over even years after, even if you live in a different reality now… it’s shocking.

Okaaaay, I loved this book, the story in itself is wild, it’s good but the last 2-3 pages… fucked me spinning. Gosh it was so good! The characters were on point, a novel, a crime novel about 3 sisters bound from their abused childhood omg… It’s so scary to think that these kids lived with Miss Devil in itself Fairchild.

Highly recommend.​

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