This is not my first encounter with Morning Pages, in case you didn’t know about them, morning pages is represented by writing 3 pages of hand writing every morning and just write about what’s cluttering your headspace. It helps you improve your overrall mood and helps you declutter your brain.

A lot of people back up by science recommend this exercise every morning, in time it will help you feeling lighter and it can heal your traumas if you decide to speak about them on those pages.

Now, I did try them myself but didn’t last a week on several ocassions, but I did started this journey again on the 26th of February. I wanna write my Morning Pages for at least 2 months so I can give myself the time to feel the difference.

Update: it’s super hard to write 3 pages, doesn’t seem like much but it is, also I’ve written my complaints in my Morning Pages so I don’t have to complain ever especially out loud, especially to the people I love, won’t speak negative in the universe ever again. To be fair, it does help to whine and complain on those pages.

I’ve written about what hurt me, that seems to occupy more pages… but it’s not an easy habit to have being conditioned to write 3 pages no matter what… But journaling does wonders to the brain, mental health, emotional insight so I will continue to journal my feelings for the reasons above and for super clarity but morning pages determined by 3 pages of no matter what… yea not really my cup of iced Coke.

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