Emily Hunt went missing from her affluent liberal arts school on graduation weekend. Her body was found floating in a river, and a quiet loner who most people on campus really didn’t know committed suicide. A tenuous link—one text—bound the two dead students together and was enough for law enforcement to close the case. But they got it wrong and now someone is determined to set it right.

Twelve years later, college friends gather to celebrate an engagement over a long overdue getaway on a swanky private island in Maine—with only one way in and one way out. Sierra Prescott, invited as a guest and unconnected to past events, is the only person who soon senses not all is what it seems.

The tension in the air is ignited when they find a dead man in the trunk of a car with a note: time to tell the truth.

Nothing like a thriller and a good coffee on a free Friday morning… “|Omg, not another island cozy mystery” – that was my first thought about the book when I’ve read the synopsis but whilst 3 friends and Sierra reunite with their forth friend for his engagement party on a private island, a party hosted by the future wife, things start to become interesting. They find a car with a body inside on the island where only they should be, they found a killer in a victim, an interesting approach I’m dying to read.

It already feels like summer where I’m living so this cute island mystery couldn’t come at a more better time. Update: I am 33% into the book but I am really struggling with it, I don’t wanna pick it up… Nothing intense or mysterious happens, I don’t like the Alex – Caro couple, Mitch is kinda okay but Ruthie and her future husband are crap… Like my thoughts can’t gather when I’m reading it, it doesn’t captivate me maybe because the trope went on too often in 2023 and continues to go in 2024. I hate bashing books and authors, especially someone’s writing who took a great deal of time to sit down and write a book, I wanna write a book but I find it so complicated so I have mad respect for any author, it’s not the book, it’s me you know?

I lost interest in it pretty fast… Couldn’t finish it…

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