Okay, so I’ve manifested a lot of things in my life and I loved it, I’ve just believed things will happen and instead of praying for them, I’ve thanked for them.

But today something happened, I’ve wanted to take a look on my old blog and I’ve seen a post I’ve written in May 2023 and the post sounds like this:

It’s May, the beginning of the summer of love, or any summer for that matter but to me, summer is for loving.

Festival season is upon us, and there are plenty of them, rock’n roll shows in the city, the heat, striving on every summer night…

And I am waiting for Halloween in line to see Metallica.

After the pandemic life we were all forced to live, I have a feeling that this summer will have the vibes of the summer of love, summer of ‘69.

Probably I’ll read books on the subject to instigate this vibe into you as well or maybe you already feel it, either way, what’s your plan for this summer?

Any suggestion on some awesome summer badass desert novels? Thrillers are hyped here, thank you.

Are you an autumn person that waits to fall in love this summer until September’s embrace comes for you to glorify your life in the most beautiful and exciting way?

Big autumn fan here as you may gathered that out but I just wrote this post one spring night and I’ve randomly written about attending a Metallica’s concert, but guess who’s actually going to Metallica this June?


Manifestation never ceases to amaze me.