Anger, frustration, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, crying for no reason, these are just some little things poor mental health does.

I don’t know how to manage them all but this month I’m going back to therapy because I need the help, I need a hand.

I also need discipline and self control because I had majore tummy aches last night and it wasn’t fun, it started on Friday night when I’ve over ate and the pain stood with me until Sunday at noon. Are you imagining that? Eating a meal like an idiot and the food is still there after a weekend? No thanks. Present me, do fucking something.

And I did.

I did something for myself.

I workout daily now, even for 5 minutes, the minutes does not matter, the action does.

I walk 10.000 steps a day and I’m here to walk even more.

I do yoga daily, as a beginner for now but training for the future.

I meditate, on Youtube now with Joe Dispenza in my ear until I can finally meditate alone.

I manifest, a lot, after the moon, after myself, after my thoughts and feelings. It works.

All this is called action. I don’t eat anymore, I realised day by day, slowly, that a little bit of food is here to help and you can get full on less.

Fasting is a good thing!

Imagine that I don’t eat chips anymore, I would had died for Pringles, but now I only eat food that serves me, veggies, fruits, nothing toxic to the body. My mind rejects toxicity, it’s insane how well you can fucking train yourself. It’s insane!

I still drink coffee, that’s a drug I’m not prepared to sober up from anytime soon. But only one coffee a day.

I do take meds for my anxiety, a little bit of Xanax and Cipralex. I’m fine, I’m good, no more panic attacks but I do take them with a doctor by my side. Never take these stuff on your own, it’s death.

I did once, and I achieved a Xanax addiction. I will tell you about that as well. It wasn’t fun at all.

What I wanna say is, you can read all the self help books out there, if you don’t take action things won’t happen.

The advice is repetitive and fucking simple:

sleep more

eat less and healthier

move exercise walk

meditate do yoga

talk to someone, reach for help

move your life through action

Salvation is there, but fucking reach for it and if no one is there to help you, HELP YOURSELF.

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