Guilty as charged! I love watching crime shows, detective shows, creepy mystery type of shows, some are too much even for me like Dahmer was, even though I knew the case, the acting made me forgot I was watching in safety from my couch and not really experiencing a real crime.

Not into true crime even if every show that portrays murders come from reality more than fiction but to some extend it makes me believe it’s just fiction. Started watching Discovery ID when I was 14yo which me slightly paranoid and if sister arrived an hour late at home in the summer, I would terrorise my parents until she safely arrived, because these things sadly can happen to anyone.

So I get why most people think we are weirdos for watching them, I get the reliving of the trauma of the victims families… I’ve even saw a Tiktok that said that watching a crime shows is actually living in trauma and that watching it makes your brain believe that some have it harder than you… creepy.

But I do rewatch Twin Peaks today and I’m almost done with Criminal Minds, so if you have new shows coming up please let me know. What shows do you like the most? What does relaxes you at night?

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