I’ve watched numerous documents regarding this topic and I am truly curious about it, I 100% agree with the fact that sleep, nutrition, exercise not only helps with mental health but with longevity as well.
I am doing an experiment for a month where I won’t count calories, will only have 2 options of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, no snacking and nothing processed.
I will eat boiled eggs for breakfast, a salat with chicken, salmon or shrimps for lunch and meat with veggies for dinner but a light dinner, maybe for dinner I will have nuts, fruits or greek yougurt. I think will also go low on meat after the first days of “diet”.
Thing is, I won’t have any processed food, no sugar, no animal milk and will probably take l-theanine because I do take it now as well.
I will come back to you with the results but I’m super excited about the results, I will keep a journal as well.
Can’t wait to tell you guys!

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