I find myself searching a lot of things on Reddit lately, I crave human connection from people who went through all kinds of experiences in life, because I am curious of seeing how people cope with different outcomes. So I search, best books on…, how to handle grief, what is the meaning of life, how to stop overthinking, best hair care products and so on.

But my mind remained stocked on one thing always, what is our purpose? What is mine? It’s true that when life gets hard you turn to religion, well not religion but God, my God is the Universe, God is just shorter but I was never into it, praying… When my life got hard God send me a friend and that friend made me lean on God more, made me read the Bible, not because it’s the sacred book of all times but because I wanted to know him before I can relate into him, it is a weird journey. But an interesting one, I do believe in energy, in love and in the law of attraction.

Sometimes I think that our meaning is to love, love can beat anything on a higher level. Right now I’m searching for a project, for meaning, right now I’m serving others, show gratitude to the people I love and life’s pretty neat like this.

But if you have found meaning, please tell me, how does it look?

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