Every blogger does this wishlist because let’s face it, it’s the holiday of bringing joy to others and that’s the best gift we can give to someone.

I was thinking a lot about all kinds of gifts and things to buy but I feel like buying someone you love something that they can buy themselves isn’t enough.

We should spread love and kindness and truly helping others this season.

Let’s buy people something they need like a kitchen utensil or something for their hobbies or a jacket to keep them warm all winter.

Let’s buy ladies a manicure and a coffee in the city or a nice self care day.

Let’s get memories and acts of kindness this Christmas, I will also leave a link down below so you can, if you want, to donate to my favorite animal shelter here in Romania, to make some puppies happy, puppies that don’t have a home yet sadly.

I will be kind and spread love this season, what will you do?

The animal association:


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