After posting a negative book review, a woman living in a remote location begins to wonder if the author is a little touchy—or very, very dangerous—in this pulse-pounding novel of psychological suspense and terror from the critically acclaimed author of No Exit and Hairpin Bridge.

Wow, this is my first Taylor Adams thriller and I’m super excited about it because it sounds wonderfully insane.

Emma Carpenter lives in isolation with her golden retriever Laika, house-sitting an old beachfront home on the rainy Washington coast. Her only human contact is her enigmatic old neighbor, Deek, and (via text) the house’s owner, Jules. One day, she reads a poorly written—but gruesome—horror novel by the author H. G. Kane, and posts a one-star review that drags her into an online argument with none other than the author himself. Soon after, disturbing incidents start to occur at night. To Emma, this can’t just be a coincidence. It was strange enough for this author to bicker with her online about a lousy review; could he be stalking her, too?

Okay, so this book had me going all 50 shades of weird, firstly Emma is alone, credits she’s with her dog but her dog is one more thing to worry about on a lonely island, she has one neighbour who only spokes to her on writing boards and after leaving her honest review that bs of a writer becomes her stalker. If that isn’t crazy enough this book doesn’t even let you think that maybe some things are just in Emma’s head… It’s action packed and unhinged because you can’t really trust anyone and when Emma goes deeper into finding more about her neighbour and the bs writer things become much more insane.

I was glued to this book the whole night, it made me feel insecure on the verge of scared, it was a total different experience from my thrillers. But, I did enjoyed it, there was a time when I would rate my thriller reads after the spam of time I’ve spend with them and I will give this one a 5 star. It kept me glued to the screen the entire 6 hours. No breaks.

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