A new delightful read from one of my favorite authors. Such a self care moment on a cosy autumn day.

There are two sides to every story: yours and mine, ours and theirs, His & Hers. Which means someone is always lying.

When a woman is murdered in Blackdown, a quintessentially British village, newsreader Anna Andrews is reluctant to cover the case. Detective Jack Harper is suspicious of her involvement, until he becomes a suspect in his own murder investigation. Someone isn’t telling the truth, and some secrets are worth killing to keep.

Anna is alone in the world, 36yo, no husband and no kids, she’s a newsreader replacement for Cat, a mother of two who was gone on maternity leave from her job. Anna is starting to hate Cat, it’s easy to see why, she abuses one too many drinks and she is completely alone… Her mother is miles away and sadly she is struggling with dementia, sometimes remembering Anna is a blessing in itself.

But then a murdered Jane Doe comes to surface. And Anna is sent to the scene to catch the story, whilst Jack is there to catch a killer.

Our two extremely unreliable narrators were once married, omg this book is full of surprises and becomes better and better every time I pick it up! I really enjoy it, it’s such a good book, but I wouldn’t expect less from Alice Feeney anyway. This book got a hold on me, it’s perfect, perfect drama thriller for a cozy night in. Cracked the iced cold Coke Zero (do not recommend, highly addictive) and just got cozy with Anna and Jack.

Seriously, I wonder why I didn’t picked it up sooner because this book is insane, so good, so tragic and so fast paced it got my mind spinning.

Loved every bit of it.

Alice Feeney knows how to entertain an atmosphere of murder.


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