Aura is a short novel written by Mexican novelist Carlos Fuentes, first published in 1962 in Mexico.

Felipe Montero is employed in the house of an aged widow to edit her deceased husband’s memoirs. There Felipe meets her beautiful green-eyed niece, Aura. His passion for Aura and his gradual discovery of the true relationship between the young woman and her aunt propel the story to its extraordinary conclusion.

Okay… so this book is written in such a different manner it makes it seem like the character is so close to you, it’s written like a story told one moonlit night. And it is kinda off’ish, the lady that employed Felipe is kinda strange and Felipe himself doesn’t seem normal either.

I hate the way the author talks to us through “you”, you did this, you did that… argh… not my cup of tea. First novel I’ve ever read where the narrative is completely carried out in second person and I’m not a fan. But I do enjoy the fact that it is written by a mexican author, I love to read cultural novels especially thriller/mystery ones, I want to see how creative people from all over the world and from all time periods had thought about the world we live in.

This story was short and creepy, exactly what I’ve imagined it to be. Super eerie.

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