A book by one of my favorites.

I’ve started this book a couple of times but the last one sticked. Daisy is a young pretty girl who goes to her grandma 80th bday party, a party on a remote location, in a beautiful house where the whole family is invited. But her parents are divorced, her sisters stopped talking to her, her niece being the single one who actually likes her and her granny wrote a children’s book about her.

Granny is such an interesting woman and you can see that by her surroundings, she also found out when she was young that she will die at 80yo and time is ticking sadly…

With a wicked wink to Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were NoneDaisy Darker’s unforgettable twists will leave us reeling.

Trapped on an island where someone is killing them one by one, the Darkers must reckon with their present mystery as well as their past secrets, before the tide comes in and all is revealed.

This one is pretty interesting and I’m really into it, well to be fair it’s written by Alice Feeney, so I consider her to be a jewel of a book.

I’ve loved it, my first 5/5 stars of 2023, it was scary, it was mysterious and had all the elements a thriller should have. The book was creepy and the fact that Daisy’s almost entire family got murdered on Halloween night was something else, the motive though… it was so awesome, plain insane but cool because women stand one by another.

I wasn’t expecting this ending but I was expecting something good and it delivered.

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