Well, I am interested into wicca and folklore witchcraft, more like white magick but seances are far from what I am searching for. I am a skeptic to some degree.

But this book made me curios as Hell.

This novel follows Lenna who is a bigger skeptic than I am. Lenna enrolled to study the science behind seances to get in touch to her murdered sister Evie who actually practiced seances with the same teacher Lenna is learning now.

One night at a sceance in an abandoned manner, a guy comes and hands her teacher a note where she is urgently called in London for business because her friend died in weird circumstances in the same night Evie died, 31th of October.

Oh the nuances… love them.

Her friend was in The London Seance Society where no woman can go to study but apparently Evie did. To my thinking she was dating the head of the society. At least, thats what I am getting from the book.

This book was insane but not my type sadly, I did liked the plot.

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