William Wooler seems quite a family man but he has an affair. One night the affair ends not because he wants to, so when he arrives home angry and broken, he loses his temper with his 9yo daughter Avery. That night Avery goes missing…

And the neighbours are expecting the worst to come.

Tbh, I wouldn’t know how to handle a child like Avery, for a 9yo she is hectic, eratic and pretty annoying but maybe her parents could do better… not her mom, she’s cool. Anyway, two detectives come to William’s house to talk about their missing kid and things get suspicious from the start. Love this kind of thriller. Also, we find out that his mistress is actually his neighbour/assitant because Willy here is a doctor. So the book comes from two perspectives by now, William’s and his second lady from the beginning.

We see a lot of characters in this book, Avery brother is kinda weird, Michael, Nina who is the mistress has two kids as well, her boy Ryan is kinda weird, her husband Al knows about the affair and soon William’s wife will find out as well. I love the two detectives, the book moves so fast and it’s the first novel where I can’t empathise with the victim… Avery has one friend Jess, and Jess has a brother Derek who also makes himself look kinda guilty.

This book is full of twists and turns and I am truly enjoying it along the season’s weather. Such a fall person. I think this may be my 5/5 for this year, it’s truly so good, can’t wait to see the ending unfold because I’ve thought of many different scenarios and I still believe something is missing from my theories. And the ending came… Yes, I’ve thought about it but it was way too good, the concept, the subject, the story, amazing. And my feelings towards Avery throughout the book were completely right. Such a good thriller.

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