From the author of the Reese’s Book Club Pick and the New York Times bestseller Wrong Place Wrong Time comes a new heart-stopping thriller in which a missing-person case unravels deeper, darker secrets that lead a detective to an impossible moral choice.

22yo Olivia goes missing one day, she goes through a dark alley and you can see her on the CCTV going in but never exiting out.

Julia, the detective heading up the search for Olivia, thinks she knows what to expect. A desperate family, a ticking clock, and long hours away from her husband and daughter. But she has no idea just how close to home this case is going to get. Apparently the killer because we assume by now that it’s a murder, knows Julia’s darkest secrets. I’ve always adored a woman detective and I’m into cases of disappearances since I was 14yo and wasting my evenings watching Disappeared on Discovery Investigation. I will always pay tribute to Discovery ID, that tv program immersed me into the world of true crime.

It’s a pretty moving forward kinda book, but it’s not fast paced. Anyway, we have 3 main storytellers, Olivia the missing girl’s dad Lewis, Julia the detective and Emma which is pretty mysterious but her child’s girlfriend disappeared, he was questioned by the police and let go, since no body was found. Emma although has her doubts.

Okay, so Emma’s Matthew’s mom, Matthew is Olivia’s ex.


Okay, to be completely honest I’ve really wanted to drop this book, I like the author but this one was dragging in the beginning, many chapters had passed and nothing happened. But things are moving now that we get to know the characters and it’s giving! This is so wild, I can barely comprehend…

But I get it, it’s not an easy read to swallow, clearly not the missing persons case I was expecting, although the title made it pretty obvious that it won’t be simple. A very good book.

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