One of my favorite writers, he gives such a different meaning to a thriller novel, he keeps me captivated like no other.

“The most read French author of the last decade.”

Paris, Christmas 2021: After a heart attack, Mathias Taillefer wakes up in a hospital ward. An unknown girl lies at his bedside. It’s Louise Collange, a student who has volunteered to play the cello for the patients. From word of mouth, she learns that Mathias is a policeman and asks him to reopen a strange case. Reluctant at first, he eventually agrees to help her. From that moment on, both are caught in a deadly web. Intense, unexpected, gripping, a labyrinth of emotions in which the certainties on one page are never the same as those on the next.

Louise wants Mathias to reopen her mother’s case, she died 3 months ago in an accident but her daugther doesn’t believe in accidents when it comes to her famous ballerina mother. Mathias went through a heart transplant 5 years ago, the exact amount of time since he retired from the force. But this case caught his attention as well.

This was an intricated web of lies and a book truly written in Guillaume Musso’s style, I wasn’t expecting any turnover that happened. But I did loved every bit of it, clearly more short than the rest of his novels but definitely a premium one. I really believe that he is the most sublime french thriller writer out there.

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