I don’t think there’s someone out there that didn’t watched or read YOU by Caroline Kepnes, and I’m super curious to read your thoughts if you want to comment on this post or shoot me an email.

Dude, I’ve watched the Netflix serie and loved it to pieces, well tbh I didn’t like the last season but I still watched it and if YOU season 5 will come, I’ll watch that too. But, I couldn’t read the books, everything about Joe seems entacing to me but the book’s manner of reading it… NO. I just can’t keep up with the thoughts and everything that Joe has to say about anything. It’s too much… I can’t seem to finalise even the first book… and now, in 2023 there’s a new one.

And I truly tried, I started it 6 times by now and I just can’t finish it… I can’t get into it, so I’ll wait for Netflix. But about You? Can You read them? Do they get YOU off?

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