After her troublemaker mother’s mysterious death, Kira fled her wealthy Texas town and never looked back. Now, decades later, Kira is invited to an old frenemy’s vow renewal party. Though she is reluctant to go, there are things calling her back . . . like chilled wine and days spent by the pool . . . like her sexy childhood crush, Jack, who’s married and has kids now. But, more importantly, it’s the urgent texts from her grandmother who says she has something to give Kira. Something about her mother’s death, something that looks an awful lot like murder.

A book I never thought I’ll read because it’s very out of my league, this whole reliving the highschool crush thing is such a real thing actually but it’s always the perception of the person who was and it’s not there anymore. I’ve felt it, it’s disappointing to say at least. Also, throw in murder and yey we have a summer thriller even though the action takes place in mid October. Feels like such a summerish book.

Kira goes back to her home town, in the same car with her crush and his wife and kid. Now tell me about us not liking the main character… Anyway, she goes to visit her grandma, who she thinks was such a toxic figure in her past. But her grandma tells her that she believes her mom was murdered and not unalived herself, a thing Kira strongly believes as well. Her grandma gives her some pages, her mother started writing a memoir but didn’t achieve to sadly finish it, now Kira is here to learn the truth. And the first thing she finds out was that her mother had a crush as well and that she was afraid of her husband.

To be fair, I don’t like Jack at all… he seems like such a fuss, he seems insecure, he gaslights Kira a lot and yes, I know he is married but it’s like he wants her to like him and acts accordingly but when she’s into him, he becomes a snore fest. Anyway, I did enjoyed the book, it took me two days to read it, it’s fast paced, perfect for the summer but it’s a 3 out of 5 from me. Do I recommend it? Maybe if you’re super bored but like I’ve said in the beginning, it wasn’t my type and I’m old enough to just entertain my type.

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