It’s 23th of April and although I’m falling in love with spring and feeling a mourning for summer because I don’t want to see her, I feel joy to know that after summer, autumn is coming in full force.

So naturally, I’ve started to read my Halloween books so I can post for you guys everyday in October until All Hallow’s Eve.

What I’ve realised searching online, on Amazon, Book Depository and other book sites is that there are no Halloween novels… You either find full horror, halloween cozy novels that NO ONE heard of or “spooky” books for children…

It’s so disappointing.

It’s hard to make a Halloween TBR list, so I’m coming to you, what did you prepare to read this autumn?

It’s 15th of July, I actually adore the heat of the summer, it makes autumn feel so close, I adore it. It rains as well from time to time so I’m enjoying thrillers at the moment, thrillers you’ll see on the blog.

But I digress, what books are you preppin’ for this Halloween? Any recommends?

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